Australian Shepherd Behavior Training

Australian shepherds are highly intelligent and are very energetic dogs. Owning this kind of breed, one must learn how to deal with their behavior appropriately. Australian shepherd behavior training must focus on addressing the behavioral characteristics that are unique to this kind of breed.

Being a herding dog, the Australian shepherd has the tendency to herd humans and animals that come their way, so it is important for this breed to have an outdoor space and plenty of toys where it can release its herding drives. With the dog’s excessive energy, they also excel in sports such as Frisbee, flyball, and dog agility. Another behavior that should be dealt with the Australian shepherd is its tendency to bark endlessly. This could be a result of separation anxiety, or just a manifestation of excessive energy. This behavior is easily addressed by giving attention to your dog. A game of catch or a walk on the park will give your dog something else to focus its energy on. Since this breed is very active, play is a very good form of exercise. Aside from using up physical energy, it is also a great time for the owner to bond with their pet. It is also important to get the Australian shepherd used to socialization early on as it has the tendency to be timid and reclusive when not trained properly.

In conclusion, the Australian Shepherd behavior training is very easy. Just properly address the common behavioral problem of the dog and you will have a highly-intelligent, well-trained family pet in no time.

Australian Shepherd

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