Border collie rescue

Border collie is an international breed of dog and through out the world it is spread with its original and mixed breed. Though it is purely a domestic breed, adjustable in nature but the unfortunate nature of the pet owners’ sometimes out of some social, economical or health problem they desolate their pet and these desolated dogs have nothing but to starve or to die on street.
Border collie rescue is a non- commercial NGO working for the welfare of this breed. As the breed of border collie is spread all over the world to help them rescue organization is also spread its wings all over the world, in multiple countries with one modus operandi- to work for the welfare of the desolated or tortured Border collies.
The rescue organization works for the sick collies desolated on the street, or simply the desolated ones in the killing center. They provide the treatment for the dogs and afterwards do the necessary things to provide them for a new home.

This nonprofit organization runs on the donation of the dog lover from all corner of the world. If anybody wants to provide voluntary service to bring the dog from shelter to rescue, distributing posters, writing articles, collecting donations for the desolated dogs they are all welcome by the organization because this organization believes in group activity and the human value for the sentiment.

The dog lovers can adopt from the dog list of the concern and for adoption, they need to be located in the same country. This is convenient for the transport and rescue organization believes in the re-homing of the dog in its childhood country. The rescue dogs are well trained, attuned with domestic life, 100% immunized, and fond of humans especially of children. The application for adoption can be done online also but before settling for adoption, the rescue authority evaluates and verifies the structure and mental set up of the fosters to decide finally on their decision of adoption.

Rescue organization of Border collie have its own website and in this web site the list of the dogs at the custody of the organization is given with the previous details. In the website all the possible FAQs are also discussed and presented where the traffic will be aware of the general information about the nature of border collie. Rescue organization though helps to restore the normal life of the desolated Border collies but in its true sense it restores the violation of trust on behalf of mankind which are committed by the pet owners of these desolated dogs.