Common Border Collie Behavioral Problems and Remedies

Dog owners especially first time owners should be prepared to manage the Border Collie’s high energy, stamina and endurance. If left without a means to burn that energy through physical exercise, Border Collie behavioral problems can start to come out like being very destructive to anything you have lying around.

Collies bark the most while they are outdoors, even more so when they are bored. When this breed is permanently left outside it can develop Border Collie behavioral problems. Kept indoors with regular outdoor activities, Collies are happy, clean and well-mannered members of the family.Border Collie Training

It can be a challenge to contain a Collie in a fenced area. They have been known to jump over fences or dig under them. Some dogs are smart enough to open certain gates on their own. Again, regular exercise will prevent a bored dog from using his agility and developing Border Collie behavioral problems in an unsecured area.

Because the herding instinct is so engrained in the animal’s genes, it is vital to teach younger and older children proper ways to handle a Collie who is trying to herd them. Playful children running around who do not heed the Collie’s warnings can pose a threat to the order a Border Collie was bred to maintain. When this happens, children should stop in their place. If kids continue to be misbehaved, a Collie may nip at their rear or heel. Collies are very rarely aggressive. The dog does not do this to harm the child. However, owners should always educate children about what to do especially during this kind of situation.

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