General introduction about Border Collie dog

Border Collie is breed f dog mainly available in the border region of Scotland and England. This breed of dog is particularly used in farmhouses to assist the owner to manage the herding. These species of dogs are in general thick coated available in three colors. The mostly available breed is the mixture of black and white and the other variations are red/white color, white and red color and a combination of tan/black/white. By nature this breed of dogs are pro-active, intelligent and of alert nature. The nature of this breed of dog requires sufficient channelising of their energy in execution otherwise an idle border collie dog tends to be over active and in turn become destructive in nature.

The border collie dogs are medium in their stature and their eye colors are the distinct type and unique of this species. Sometimes they seem to be deep brown or amber in color or sometime it is of the shed of blue. The ear type also varies from one dog to another and sometime these are erected in look and some time it is fully dropped in type. Even in some dogs the combination of both the types of ear, which is, semi erected or semi dropped is also observed. These dogs are fond of children and sports lover. Therefore, they can be trained well as sports dog. Although these dogs are originated from England and Scotland but they are utilized all over the world in farm to guard the herd and livestock.

As a sports dog, border collies are good different kinds of sports but they excels their performance of agility. In this stream of sports the dog needs to cross many obstacles, consisting of different type of jumps, narrow plank to walk, a sea-saw, two different kind of tunnels to cross, a jump through a hanging tyre, sometime a ladder to climb, and ultimately 12 upright poles the dog needs to cross them by walking in a weaving style. Border collie may not be able to cross all the hurdles properly because of their pro and hyper-active nature but these breed of dog always finish the sports maintaining a perfect coordination between the task.

Apart from the sports activity these breeds of dog can be good assistant for the physically challenged and hearing impaired persons and Border collie is famous for its obedience in public, intelligence and decision taking ability. Apart from these qualities, these types of dogs are well mannered, unassuming and sober in their general nature that makes the handling process quite easy.