German Shepherd Information & Facts

Temperament and Physical Appearance

There is no confusion over the simple fact that German Shepherds are very much adorable and cute. They are intelligent and clever. Simultaneously, it is also true that they are stubborn and rowdy. Their dare devil attitude is attractive. German Shepherds are extremely brave and industrious. Therefore people love to keep German Shepherds at home. The source of their originality lies embedded in Bavaria zone. This dog was first enlisted in the year of 1899 as German Shepherd. German Shepherd is a large dog and their weight is approximately pegged at 80 pounds. It is a very well recognized dog.german-shepherd

German Shepherds having very well built and large physical frame being covered with fur and having large triangular head. German Shepherds are available in three types such as long haired, rough coated and long rough coated. They can be white colored or cream or typical black colored. However those who are white colored Shepherds are called American White Shepherds instead of German Shepherds. Most German Shepherds are very much fond of playing with the minor boys but one should pay much concentration on the proper selection of

German Shepherds from the well nourished breeding line. Many complain that German Shepherds are very rough and tough. Their dauntless and reckless temperament are detrimental to the protection of children at home. It is true but through proper training programs German Shepherds can be tamed and kept under manipulation. They can behave normally. The intelligence squad or police machinery feels the urgency to press German Shepherds into service. Their guessing power in combination with hard working and bravado helps the police personnel to find the culprit or the accused. They are also used to give escorts to the blind or they can be pressed into service to continue any rescue operations.

They need to be socialized and therefore German Shepherd puppies can be trained by professional trainers or groomers who can train dogs the lesson of discipline, punctuality, good demeanor and obedience. They are very co-operative at the time of training session. So far as the healthcare is concerned, one should take proper care to protect their health. Hip dysplasia is a severe problem to German Shepherds. However it is seen that the occurrence of dysplasia is due to poor and substandard breeding. In this connection one can examine parentage line of the German Shepherds just to find out whether parents having such elbow or hip problem which can perpetuate through the perpetual succession of the next generation of the German Shepherds.

Introduction To The German Shepherd

If someone desires to keep a smart, extremely loyal and prowess dog in the house with the sole purpose of monitoring the house, he must opt for German Shepherd dog. None can deny its strong and brave attitude mingled with loyalty and unconditional faith in the commands of the masters. Their large and well built physical frame is a matter of neighbor’s envy but owner’s pride. Their maverick nature and strong sensing power enable anyone to detect the crime.

Therefore investigative agency is much interested to rear up German Shepherds for the investigation purposes. They have other positive factors or traits such as hard working mentality, intelligence power, swiftness and swinging and bouncing nature. In spite of rough and tough attitude they can be at beck and call of masters if they are give proper obedience training. They can also be given crate training followed by potty training as well.

With the first world war being over, British and American soldiers brought few German Shepherds to their home countries. In this way their name and fame were spread over the whole world. It is considered to be watchdog or police dog. They are usually 60 to 62 centimeters in height and their weight can be approximately 80 pounds. Some persons complain that they are aggressive and stubborn. After being socialized through proper training process they can even play with kids. They like to spend time with the kids. There are a number of training methods to make German Shepherds obedient and polite. With the offers of some treats or fantastic favorite toys they can be easily enticed to complete the whole training process. As they are very intelligent and brave, they will spare no pains in discharge of duties to the entire satisfaction of the masters. However it is better to train puppies at very tender age because they are very much interested to get training and tricks at this stage.

In this connection any professional groomer or trainer can be very much helpful to provide the necessary training to dogs. So far as healthcare is concerned, German Shepherds suffer from hip dysplasia for substandard breeding. They are also severely affected by keratitis, dwarfism and epileptic feat. They are found to suffer the brunt of eczema and flea allergies. Therefore German Shepherds should be administered the vaccination and medicines. They should be checked up by expert vets. One can also browse the internet to collect a lot of information regarding the training and other factors which are very beneficial to make German Shepherds obedient.

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German Shepherd Puppy – Neighbor’s Envy Owner’s Pride

There is no denying the fact that people having tremendous propensity in keeping dogs at home. From the very beginning of the society, man has some soft corner towards the pet dogs. Dogs are very adorable and easily tamed. In the case of the German Shepherd dogs, it is seen that they are very dauntless and cunning. However they can be trained and groomed within short span of time.

In the case of the puppies, people love to take puppies to the house for their children. Kids are very much fond of playing with German Shepherd puppies. Within short span of time, they become friends to the family members. This type of juvenile frivolousness is very much attractive and a matter of enticement to the young boys and girls. There is another advantage in keeping German Shepherd dogs at home. The faithful dogs are very much effective and competent to keep the house and adjoining property at vigil during the night. They monitor strangers and unknown persons and if necessary they can alert masters by barking loudly. Therefore they will be very beneficial to those who have huge

It is very profitable to purchase a German Shepherd puppy at tender age. Puppy will get long time to get adjusted in the homely environment. They will get enough time to learn the basic factors of obedience and discipline. One should not purchase German Shepherd puppies from puppy mill because puppy mill is recognized to be as breeding company which is not very upgraded and modernized. The environment inside the puppy mill is not very healthy and comfortable. Puppy mills don’t provide any standard training and medical assistance. The most puppy mills are jam-packed with different sorts of dogs. Therefore there is no specific arrangement to take care of the German Shepherd dogs individually. There is another important factor to be noted in this connection. If someone gathers knowledge and information about the parentage of German Shepherd puppies, it will be very much helpful to get acquainted with the temperament and behavior of the puppy. It is the fact that German Shepherd dogs are usually rude and prowess. Their dauntless attitude often becomes a matter of havoc disturbance to the masters.

Therefore one should take proper care at the time of grooming and training the German Shepherd. However due to lack of proper grooming and training, these German Shepherd dogs show some disloyalty towards masters. Therefore these German Shepherd dogs need special care and training to overcome the difficulties.

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Why to Opt for German Shepherd Kennels

Just mention the name of German Shepherds to your kids and state that you are going to bring home one such puppy and see their eyes light up. This is the best time to tell them to do practically anything feasible and they will do it in exchange of getting a German Shepherd puppy they can play with. There are many breeds of dogs, but the German Shepherds are the most preferred because of their loyalty and the love they shower on the members of your home. However people do not take precautions before they bring home of these dogs that are loved by kids and adults alike. They are more preoccupied with the thoughts of what they will be doing once these puppies reach home.

They dream about how they will spend their time training them and enjoying the fun and frolic that only German Shepherds can provide. They are also aware of the safety these breeds of friendly canines will bring to their abode. Nowadays those who are planning to go in for pets have many options and few bother to think about German Shepherd kennels. One should always do a bit of research before they purchase a dog. You should know a bit about the dogs and their characteristics before you opt in for one. This helps a long in the long term. There are many illicit sellers and you should know how to identify and avoid them.

You should also know how to identify a purebred German Shepherd before you spend your money on purchasing them and then your time on training them. It is not tough to know why people love this particular breed of dogs. Their high levels of intelligence apart from their levels of trainability along with their mental and physical endurance prowess makes them the number one. They are also famous for being protective, courageous and loyal to their masters. Because of these traits that they inherit, breeders take special care to provide the German Shepherds with a special foundation where they learn to become socialized and smart dogs. Institutions that undertake these steps are generally referred to as German Shepherd kennels.

There are many scoundrels who breed German Shepherd puppies just for the cash they will earn. These people have no sympathies and all they know about life is money. These folks, or criminals as they should be termed, keep the German Shepherd in small cages and hardly provide them with the opportunity to socialize. They are not provided with proper nourishment too. The end result is that these puppies do not grow up as healthy as those who grow up in German Shepherd kennels. Before you purchase a German Shepherd, check the same thoroughly along with their papers. If so required take along a friend who knows about them. This way you will ensure that the puppies you are bringing home will provide you and your family happiness and fun for years to come.

More about German Shepherd Protection

You are a sick person confined to your wheelchair and stay all alone at home. During the daytime a helper comes to help you out with cooking your food and helping you to change your clothes, and if anything happens during this time, there are there to help you. But what about nighttime when you are home all alone with just your German Shepherd dog for company? What if some unforeseen incidents happen which requires immediate action. You know very well that you are incapacitated and that you cannot take any immediate action. However you have the best protection that you can find in the world in the form of your friend… the German Shepherd dog.

If you want to know more about German Shepherd protection just check out the net or read the papers and ever so often you will find instances where these smart and loyal dogs who know no fear have helped saved the life of their owners. A recent piece of news comes to mind. A few days back policemen at a particular precinct received an emergency call. For those who do not know about emergency calls, here is a small brief. If the receiver of a phone is lifted up from its cradle for a certain amount of time and no calls are made, the instrument dials an emergency number by itself. As long as the instrument is not replaced back in the cradle, the emergency buzzer on the police and fire personnel’s desk will keep on buzzing.

When the police received the emergency call, they tried to talk with the person who had made the call but nobody answered. The buzzing did not stop. Not sure about their course of action, the policemen traced the address where the call was originating from and paid a visit. That visit saved one old persons life. He was wheelchair bound and had suffered a stroke. He was in no position to wheel over to the phone and making an emergency call. It was his specially trained German Shepherd dog that had seen his master not responding to his whimper. This is not an isolated incident and there are many such incidents occurring worldwide that do not get reported in the papers.

Those who have doubts about German Shepherd protection should check out this piece of news before forming any opinion about these special friends of humankind. As far as you home is concerned, you need not worry as long as you have German Shepherd protection. You can leave your entire house under their protection and go to the party with an assurance that nobody will dare mess around with your home as long as they know that the same has got German Shepherd protection. Those who do not know might be a bit unfortunate. The fortunate ones have escaped with just the seat of their pants getting ripped off. Insure your house with the best protection; insure it with German Shepherd protection.

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