Simple, but Effective German Shepherd Training Tips

As the proud owner of a German Shepherd puppy it is up to you to provide them the best possible training. These dogs are known for their intelligence and also for their extreme love and affection that they display towards their owners. The fact that they are extremely intelligent is borne by the fact that the police department uses these dogs the most. However, one might find German Shepherds who do not seem like intelligent dogs at all. The fault is not theirs but of their owners who did not provide them with the proper training. Dogs, like humans, require training when they are young, in order to serve their owners in the best possible way.

Here are some important German Shepherd training tips that will assist you to rear up your dog in a manner that he becomes the darling of your home. There are some people who depend on trainers to train their German Shepherd puppies. They think that training these puppies can be tough hence they go in for trainers. Having a puppy is fun but training them provides the owner with more fun. Seeing how they react to your commands will leave you squealing with delight. One of the most important German Shepherd training tips is to make them know that you are the master. German Shepherds are extremely dominant dogs and before they grow up it is high time to make them know who is the boss.

Rewards for doing thing correctly is another way of making your dog do things correctly. They have to be trained to understand what is right and what is wrong. They should learn that the only way they will receive rewards is by doing things in the correct manner. Every time your dog does something correctly, reward hi, but do not go overboard with this so that they expect a reward each and every time. People who know a bit about German Shepherd training tips often do not know about consistency. They train the dog to react to the word `fetch’ and get dismayed later on, when the dog does not respond to the word `get’. The dog has been trained to react to the word `fetch’ and not to `get’.gs training tips

Though both words might have the same meaning for you, it is not the same with dogs. Violence is the worst thing during the training period or any period. If your dog does not react positively to your commands, do not beat them. This will make them fear you and not obey you. Though grooming is not strictly a part of German Shepherd training tips, remember a healthy and well-groomed dog will respond to commands far better than a non-groomed one. By grooming them properly, you will show them that you care and in turn they will shower you back with their love and affection. These are the most important tips for training up a German Shepherd puppy and if conducted properly, will go a long way in making them a friend you and your kids will love. Further information on how to train your dog you will find at the 6th chapter of “German Shepherd Handbook”

Useful Training Techniques

If you are an avid dog lover, you will know the fun and happiness that a dog brings to the entire family. There are many German Shepherd training techniques and all of them help to rear up a trained and obedient friend who provides fun to the entire family. These animals are friendly and loyal to their owners apart from being protective too. They provide years of caring companionship to their owners and the bond between them and their owners has to be seen to be believed.

However, to get the best out of these faithful animals, one has to train them properly and this training should be conducted using the best German Shepherd training techniques. A properly trained dog will provide you with years of fun and frolic and will allow both of you to communicate properly. Imaging the fun when he tugs at your legs when he wants to attract your attention, or when he lies close to you when you are sleeping. They are intelligent, no doubt, but proper training channels their intelligence they way you want. This results in a well-behaved and happy friend.

It is important to know that different breeds of dogs have different habits; hence you should select the training method that is applicable for German Shepherds. You can easily find different dog-training programs on the net and use them to train up your canine friend. The most important thing you should remember while training your dog is to provide them with rewards. If they know that if they are successful in associating a signal from their master with the appropriate action, they will get something as a reward. However, this should not be overdone. They should not get the feeling that they will be rewarded each and every time. If this happens then they will end up becoming stubborn and will never perform a task till they get a reward in return.

A properly trained German Shepherd can perform amazing tasks and this is due to the fact that their intelligence is superior to the other breeds of dogs. There have been instances where these dogs have picked up the receiver of the phone so that an emergency call is initiated. They have been trained to lift up the phone’s receiver if they suspect that their master is not keeping well. Select a proper training program and fix up a routine to train your German Shepherd. It shall not be long before you will find him responding to your whistles and other actions. Imagine the fun of finding your friend bringing the newspaper, the fun of seeing them standing on their hind legs and begging for a morsel of food and jumping in the air to grab the piece of biscuit you have given to them. For more effective training methods we recommend you to read the 6th chapter of “German Shepherd Handbook”

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