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GSDOwning a German Shepherd is loaded with fun, but having a dog is a responsibility – if you don’t train it properly you will have problems, our site will show you how to make your dog listen to you. Here you will find articles and useful tips that will help you to train your dog, also we will recommend some books written from professional German Shepherd trainers.

How to go about training your Dog

Dogs are extremely obedient creatures; in fact they are one of the most obedient of all animals as log as they are trained properly. If you are the fortunate owner of a German Shepherd, you should train the same properly so that you and your entire family can enjoy their love and affection. Kids squeal with laughter when their pet god follow their orders and fetch them their toys and other things. Let us see how one should go about a German Shepherd dog training. German Shepherds are the easiest to train for they are the most intelligent of all dog. The simplest way to train these dogs is to associate any action that the dog is supposed to perform with a particular action from your end. For example, one clap of your hands might mean that the dog is supposed to come running to you.

GSD Reward Training

Encourage the dog when he performs these actions by rewarding them with biscuits or other things. Sometimes just a pet on their head suffices. Before you go in for German Shepherd dog training, you should try to make out a list of the things you are going to teach him and note down what action you will perform from your end. If you speak the word `fetch’ and point to an object, the dog should interpret this command and fetch the object that is being pointed at. Initially the dog might not be able to understand what he is supposed to perform, but as time passes and with more training, they will be able to perform these tasks without any hitch.

The toughest part of German Shepherd dog training is making them understand the association. Once they are able to understand that, then the rest of the training should be a breeze. People try to cram in too many commands and lessons at the same time. This should not be done, since it will only confuse the dog. Take you time and train them one command at a time. Once they have learnt that command, then it is time to move on to another one. Sometimes making the dog move into a pose and stating a word associated with that pose helps too.

Help you German Shepherd to stand on its hind legs and while doing this tell them `stand’. If this is done carefully, after a few weeks of training you will find that they will stand up on their hind legs when you state the word `stand’. There are many other simple commands that can be taught by action like `handshake’. Just hold the paw of the dog and mention `handshake’. Once he has learnt this command, just mentioning `handshake’ will make him lift their paw. During the training stages, it is recommended to treat the German Shepherd with biscuits and other treats if they perform a task correctly. It is not tough to train German Shepherds as long one follows the correct methods.

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German Shepherd Dog Training Methods

There is no denying the fact that people love to keep pet dogs at home. Dogs are usually very faithful to masters. They also perform various types of works. It is seen that pet dogs act like nocturnal janitors. They alert masters beforehand by barking at strangers. However so far as the German Shepherd dogs are concerned, they are very cute and cunning. It is very easy to train them to get accustomed to the home environment.

There are a number of dog training schools and institutes which are very much responsible to groom dogs in perfect way. It is seen that German Shepherd dogs can be given obedience training with much comfort. They can be easily tamed through a number of different procedures which are scientifically programmed and arranged for the betterment of the German Shepherd dogs. In the matter of the clicker training, it is seen that German Shepherd dogs respond within short span of time without any encumbrances. In the case of the clicker training method, one will have to take the advantage of the sound system. It is a type of audible permissible sound mechanism through which a Shepherd dog learns how to behave. There is the requirement of a treat or a good and favorite toy in unison with audible vibration. The purpose of the clicker sound is to provide the instant approval and permission to make an alignment and adjustment between the behavior and the production of the food stuff or favorite toy.
However if someone having no clicker training system he can opt for simple reward training mechanism. One can offer the dog any reward like treat or any beautiful toy when the dogs behave very politely. Dogs should be given some rewards if they learn very fast. One should have some basic knowledge in the matter of giving dog proper training. In the matter of giving proper training to German Shepherd dogs one should be more careful and cautious.

In this connection one can take the help of the internet network service to collect lot of information regarding the training of German Shepherd dogs. However though this type of dog is naturally adorable and easily trained but their jaws are very bold and strong and their grip is also very tough to escape. One thing should be kept in mind without any proper training or grooming German Shepherd dogs will not be accustomed to the homely atmosphere. To keep German Shepherd dogs healthy and fresh proper training methods should be adopted by the dog owners.

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