Pit Bull Dog Information

Pit Bulls – Are They Dangerous?

It is a matter of grave concern there is a huge discussion and public debate whether it will be convenient and justified to put onus on the breeding of Pit Bulls. On the strength of the extrapolatory facts and evidence some claim that Pit Bulls are reckless and ill-mannered. They are very aggressive and they attack children and aged persons. Though there are some stray incidents of attacks and biting by Pit Bulls in North America it wont be justified to lambaste the whole class of Pit Bulls. That can’t be spared.

Whether it is a Greek Pit Bull, or blue Pit Bull or American Terrier Pit Bull, one should not be narrow minded in the matter of giving judgment just relying on the tectonic of few stray incidents. It is true that victims should be given consolation and compensation for their injury but the whole class of Pit Bulls can’t be blamed for such incidents. In the case of Greek Pit Bulls, they are bred and nurtured in Greece and later they were sent or sold to local people. They are very famous and popular to western countries and specially in European countries.

They are very much adorable and cute. One can get surprised to know the fact that in North America the percentage of the attacks done by Greek Pit Bull is lower in comparison to other western countries. Maybe the reports and complaints of such attacks are not flashed publicly. However as they are easily trained and tamed therefore there is the least occurrence of such attacks done by Greek Pit Bulls in North America. In the case of the black Pit Bulls due to the interbreeding and dilution of the black color human beings mistakenly see the blue color. Generally black Pit Bulls are less expensive.

However so far as the blue Pit Bulls are concerned they are much expensive and rare. The cost of the black Pit Bulls is budget friendly and therefore in comparison to blue colored Pit Bulls general black colored Pit Bulls are very popular and famous. Prior to purchase the black Pit Bulls one should make a short survey to what extent these Pit Bulls are sociable. However with proper training and care pit bulls are well socialized and they can become a part of the family. Unlike poodles their aggression level is lower. They can behave properly if they are given opportunity and facility for the upgradation of their attitude.

Pit Bulls With Glamorous Attitude

The technological advancement and upgradation of communication system produce adverse impact on the popularity of Pit Bulls. The electronic media and local newspapers vent their spleen on aggressive attitude of Pit Bulls. Some critics bring Pit Bulls to the overexposure of caustic criticism. They lambaste these dogs for their excessive violent nature and attacking attitude. It is the fact that Pit Bulls can be impudent for wrong training and poor judgment.

There is no denying the fact that there are some factors behind their rowdy and dare devil attitude. The metamorphosis from nonchalance to insolence and impudence is due to the poor surrounding and unhealthy environment. If they are not given nutritious food and proper training to make proper adjustment there will be higher possibility of rough and tough attitude. Often masters connive at their requirements. They threaten them for wrongdoings such as pee or poop on the floor or on couch. They are not given chance to understand the commands of the masters.

Therefore prior to purchase Pit Bulls one should have proper basic knowledge regarding grooming and training program. If required they can move to some training schools and trainers to take the effective advice. It is the fact that due to the interbreeding for a prolonged period of time in some cases they can become aggressive in nature. This type of over-breeding should be prohibited. Some claim that the source of the originality of Pit Bulls lies in England. However there is huge confusion over the exact date and time of their originality. However most experts believe that they were bred and reared up in the late 18th and early part of 19th century. There is a perfect blend of Bulldog and Mastiffs. This type of cross breeding has given rise to American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bulls.

However these dogs were forced to take participation in Bull baiting and fighting. Therefore there are myth and misconception about their aggressive nature and attitude. In mid 1900 in America these Pit Bulls were introduced and recognized to be dogs for controlling herding animals instead of fighting dogs. They are 18 to 22 inches in height and they weigh between 35 to 75 pounds. However American Pit Bulls weigh 50-55 pounds. In 1936 they were recognized and registered by American Kennel Club. As they are well built and resolute with perky ears and strong musculature they are very much competent to control the herding animals and cattle. They can protect the house from any invasion or theft.

Facts On Blue Pit Bulls

So far as Blue Pit Bulls are concerned it is seen that they are very rare and much sumptuous. A Blue Pit Bull is the byproduct of interbreeding with another species of Pit Bull. If someone reshuffle the pages of the history he will definitely come into contact with the facts that determine the source of the originality of this breed. In Ireland way back to couple of hundred years the breeders didn’t give permission to do interbreeding. They actually kept the fact secret.

It is the fact that due to the continuance of interbreeding process for the prolonged period of time, there may be some genetic disorder at the time of interbreeding and therefore in some case it has been found that some Blue Pit Bulls are rowdy and too much aggressive. The color of this breed is typical black but human eyes catch the blue color. Therefore it is called Blue Pit Bulls. One thing is amply explicit that Blue Pit Bull is very rare and expensive. It is a mammoth task to trace Blue Pit Bulls. Blue Pit Bull is the byproduct of the interbreeding. Therefore one will have to wait for long time to get Blue Pit Bull through the interbreeding process which will take much time. The price of the blue pit blue is higher and it actually depends on the selection.

The first choice must be costly and then the second batch and the third group. The price in this way shoots. One can be required to make down payment amounting to over $2000. One should make onetime payment like purchasing a house. So it is very clear that it is not available like water. However to find a good Blue Pit Bull one can take the help of some professional breeders or he can browse the net to make short survey through the websites which are loaded with updated information and current data about the price rate and the good Blue Pit Bulls.

However at the time of purchasing Blue Pit Bulls from breeders there is no assurance to get exact Blue Pit Bulls because due to the long process of the interbreeding it will take much time and maybe eventually there will be no positive result after much effort. Therefore the most convenient way of finding original Blue Pit Bull is to enter one’s name in the waiting list and in near future in case Blue Pit Bull is found, he can be invited to purchase the rare species.