Quick Tips on Potty Training your Dog

Dog toilet training is a very interesting aspect of dog training. Done correctly, you can be sure that you can avoid mayhem in your house. It is said that dogs, in general, will not do anything to soil their own habitat. Still, your dog’s natural instincts may not match that of living inside your house and he or she may have trouble distinguishing your house from your backyard. things I can do to start toilet training

One way to help you with toilet training your dog is to ease your dog into crate training. This is like creating a space in your house for your dog. The aim is for your dog to gradually treat this space as his or her den. Dogs will generally want their den to be some distance from the area where they eliminate wastes.

If you are training a puppy, one good routine is to take him or her out at least 30 minutes after he or she takes his or her meals. You may also want to take your dog out every few hours so that it is not inside the house when it needs to relieve itself. It will also get used to the idea of going out of the house and will be able to make a distinction.
If you are crate training your dog and it is a puppy, chances are it will whine endlessly when it needs to go out. These are crucial training points for your dog.

What Do I Do if my Dog has an ‘Accident’?

Accidents can and do happen. Perhaps your dog forgot or he or she is still in the early stages of potty training. You need to arrest this tendency though. You may surprise him or her with a clap if you catch your dog red-handed. You can then take her outside in a calm manner and let him or her finish his or her ‘business’ outside the house. It is not recommended that you yell or punish your dog in any way. Remember that peeing or defecating is not ‘bad behavior’ as far as your dog is concerned. It is a very natural, biological process. If you scare your dog away, it may impede training and bonding and cause your dog to have more ‘accidents’. The recommended course of action is to just simply ignore her and clean up the mess.

What additional things should I remember to make Potty training more effective?

Dog toilet training involves keeping a close tandem with your dog in relation to his or her toilet habits. Other lists of times when you may want to take your dog out of the house is right after he or she wakes up in the morning or after naps, right before bedtime and when he whimpers at night and right after he eats meals, including snacks that are considerably large.

It is also recommended that after he or she poops or pees, let it stay outside a while longer. Dogs generally like to stay outside but you must avoid letting him associate finishing the job with being taken inside immediately.

You may also want to give allowances for dog toilet training when it comes to young puppies since, biologically, they have little control over their elimination, at least for the time being. Expect that accidents will occur and do the appropriate response so that your dog does not feel threatened and learns more quickly. You may also choose to utter a phrase which you can associate as a command when your dog does his or her stuff.