6 Simple Weight Lifting Tips


Learn these weight lifting tips and build up the muscles you’ve always wanted.

Highly skilled weight lifters have perfect bodies due to their mastery of weight lifting. Building such body requires some hard work at the gym. Although only hard work at the gym won’t do. To build up muscles you must know which exercises to do and how to do them. If you don’t have any idea what to do when you go to the gym or just aren’t satisfied from your workout you should check this out immediately: weight lifting tips.

#1: Before you start a weight-lifting workout you have to decide whether you want to tone or to build strength. If you want to tone use small weights and do more reps, but for strength you should use heftier weights and lift them fewer times.

#2: When you’ve chosen what kind of workout you’re going to do you’re ready to go to the gym and lift some weights. Always start your workout using small weights. That’s how you won’t get injured during the training.

#3: Start your training with exercising the bigger muscles and then move to the smaller ones for example start with the chest and then move to shoulders or biceps.

#4: Never forget to breathe the right way. Don’t laugh at this because sometimes you’re so caught up with weight lifting that you forget to breathe. If you hold your breath you won’t have enough strength to finish the exercise. Exhale on the positive movement and inhale on the negative.

#5: For best result you should do the exercises slowly. Count two seconds as you lift and another two as you lower. That’s how your muscles do more work. Also if you do the exercises slowly you’ll avoid injuring your muscles.

#6: When you complete a rep rest for over a minute or two and start the next one. Breathe deeply during the rest. Don’t train the same muscles two days in a row because they need to recover for over 24 hours.

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