Barbell Exercises – Weight Lifting Exercises

Barbell exercises for the chest: Lie back on a bench grasp the barbell and lower it slowly to just above your chest. Slowly return the weight to its starting position and repeat. While you are doing this exercise it’s very important to keep your shoulders down and back.

Barbell exercises for the biceps: Stand in front of a barbell and bend your waist at almost 90 degrees. Grasp the bar with an underhand grip and curl it from just above your shins to your chest. Return to the starting position and repeat. Don’t use momentum produced by lifting your torso up because you can hurt your back.

Barbell exercises for the back: Grasp the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Place your feet comfortably spaced apart. Bend your knees slightly. Hold your back in its natural arch with your head up and eyes forward. Keep your core tight and bend your waist at about 45 degrees.


Barbell exercises for the shoulders: Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a barbell in front of you with a shoulder-width overhand grip. Keep your arms nearly straight and lift the bar in front of you in a 90-degree arc. Pause when your arms are parallel to the floor and slowly lower the bar in the same arc to the starting position.

Barbell exercises for the triceps: Lie back on a flat bench holding an EZ-barbell overhead at full extension. Bend your elbows and begin lowering the weight toward your forehead. Keep your elbows in and move only your lower arms. When the bar reaches your forehead pause for 1-2 seconds and raise it back to full extension. Repeat.

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