Some Useful Information about SAP

SAP is one of the best ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software used in businesses around the world. SAP was created by five German IBM engineers who broke away and founded a company called the SAP AG. This company caters to all industries and sectors, to companies ranging from small and mid sized to large too. This software can be accessed and used by every individual in the company and so it is not limited for use by only the top level management, engineers or IT teams. But being complex software the training imparted to all the users is absolutely essential.

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. The software when coupled with ERP software makes it able to streamline the supply chain network, increase efficiency and overhaul the entire process of organization in the business. Companies chose to set up SAP to help give the working of the business a much needed transparency which helps to process large volumes of information faster and more efficiently thus hastening the decision making process, making it easier and practically risk free. SAP has been constantly tweaked over the last 3 decades so it can adapt to most

Becoming a SAP consultant has become a fast blooming career. Also the knowledge of SAP can work wonders to improve your chances during interviews as it gives you that leg up above the rest. There are many different ways to learn about SAP and become proficient in it. Study material is available either from book stores or online. On the internet you can find a number of interactive learning programs that smoothly mesh the practical use of SAP with volumes of theoretical material. These programs are made such that you can learn at your own pace. They also provide on hand training because it allows you to get some practice time. There is also a section to discuss in detail the common problems arising for most students. These online courses give an all round approach to the study of SAP. There are also books available at book stores or off the net. These manuals are equally beneficial to study from and also to keep as reference manuals for the future.

SAP has become an integral part of companies everywhere and its training costs the company a lot of funds they are always on the look out for people who are already trained in this field. Also anyone working with computers has to be on top of any and all new technology or technique because he or she knows that the technology field changes everyday and to survive you need to keep yourself current.

General Information

SAP is software that is designed to make companies management their resources and work force. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Processing. It is both a company as well as a software. It is basically an ERP type software, that is used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies. It is a German company that was founded 5 software engineers that were fed up with working at IBM. They founded AG SAP and released their first product in 1972. Their first product SAP R/1 was targeted at German companies. By the end 80’s they had conquered the German market and looked to the European as well as American market. The American market is its largest source of revenues as well as its largest subsidiary.

The software is an integrated information management system. SAP offers a variety of ERP software solutions and the SAP ECC 6.0 is its latest version. It is part of the SAP Business Suite. The SAP business Suite consists of 5 enterprise applications. These are –

CRM – Customer Relationship Management
PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
SCM – Supply Chain Management
SRM – Supplier Relationship Management.

Some of their other products include the NetWeaver platform, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, Duet (joint offering with Microsoft), Performance Management solutions and RFID. SAP offers SOA capabilities (calling it Enterprise SOA) in the form of web services that are wrapped around its applications.

Today SAP solutions have become almost indispensable for international businesses as almost half of the world’s Fortune1000 companies have implemented ERP solutions from SAP. This proprietary enterprise resource planning software conveniently automates the entire transactions of an enterprise. Presently SAP has the expertise to implement ERP solutions in more than twenty-five different industry verticals.

SAP has a growing demand in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa and several small and medium enterprises have realized that implementing SAP not only helps manage day to day operations efficiently but it also sharpens business insight by providing real time access to timely information. SAP R/3 solutions is capable of running on several databases Oracle, ADABAS, Informix, DB2/400, Microsoft SQL Server 6.0. With its latest offering my SAP, the company intends to get a stranglehold grip in the enterprise software market. Its future business strategy is to introduce existing ERP customers to mySAP. mySAP has helped the company obtain considerable market share through e- business applications like mySap Customer Relationship Management, mySAP Supply Chain Management, and mySAP Product Lifecycle Management.

Tips to Learn SAP Yourself

Today’s business world is changing drastically at an extremely quick pace. The competition has become increasingly cut throat and it has become absolutely essential for you to remain current with the new technologies and softwares to survive in this environment. SAP is by far the best in providing integrated business software that helps companies to grow and add more value to the business. The SAP services are used worldwide to companies varying in sizes from medium sized to large industries. Being able to effectively use this SAP software will improve your professional worth considerably.

The SAP Business Suite is a software designed to allow companies to have better vision across the entire business and it is capable in reacting quickly with all the required information at easy access. This makes the business processes flexible and efficient resulting in the lowering of operational costs and optimizing of the performance. This software consists of five applications. The main or core application is the SAP ECC. The other for are CRM or Customer Relations Management, PLM or Product Lifecycle Management, SCM or Supply Chain Management and SRM or Supplier Relationship Management.

Since the software is essentially broken down into different divisions the learning process for it is fairly easier. You don’t need to learn all of it to maintain a working knowledge of the software. You can just learn the module which is of immediate use to you professionally and keep the rest to do as and when you can. Thus if the PLM module applies to you, you can just learn that and concentrate on the others at a later time. There are a number of self study tools available to you to speed you on in this endeavor. There are online tools that allow you to learn at your pace. These tools integrate practical knowledge with the classroom theory. You can also make use of the video training and find online student support to help you understand portions that are difficult. Learning the software can be done in a myriad of ways. As mentioned above websites offer tools, practice time and online support. Other than that manuals and other books are available that cover every aspect of the software. These also have a computer based resource to aid your learning process that guides you along step by step. These also explain common problems and focus on sensitive areas.

With respect to your career and professional value, learning the basic and even advanced uses of the new software is extremely beneficial and you must strive to remain current to remain at the top of your field.

The Advantages Of SAP ERP And Its Training Procedures

The SAP ERP software that was created by the SAP AG Company founded by five German IBM engineers is being used all over the world to day by companies in all sectors and industries. This software with its many faults has still prevailed and become hugely successful and widely implemented. It is so advantageous that if far outweighs the faults. Fl refinance
One of its greatest benefits is that it makes Global integration easy. This means that the disparities of culture and language as well as currency exchange rates can be easily bridged. The updates that are made on one server at any given time are immediately and automatically implemented on all others across the company. This cuts the off the run time of sending memos to every part of the company. It also thereby saves valuable resources.

The deterioration of redundancy errors is achieved by the use of real time information. The environment that the software creates for the employees allows them to work more quickly and efficiently. This means that not only the time taken to carry out a task is reduced but the quality of work is better too.

The training for this software is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the company. This is because the software is not too user friendly. But the training is not really as painstaking as it may sound. The software is broken down into many different modules or divisions, each one dealing with its own list of processes. This division makes the learning process infinitely more easy because there is no real need to learn all the modules at once to know how to use it. Though the modules are interconnected in eventuality they are not exactly interdependent. This means that each employee need not learn all the different modules together. He or she can learn just the one that he or she is dealing with and the rest can be done gradually at a later date.

There are also scores of textual material that is available in the market today. This means that you can easily buy reference books that the employee can use to better understand the training. Also there are a number of online interactive programs and study courses available to assist in the training or even be used completely for the process of training. The internet programs also offer practice time by which the employees can hone their skills and make it easier to absorb everything that was learned.

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